1. Stefan van Delft
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  3. Tuesday, 11 July 2017
Hi Jordan,

I can imagine that this is out of the scope of the Pixelhut products and support, so if you decide not to dive into it, I fully understand!

On the web I often see some functionality with code (html, css and js). This time, I tried to do this:

Because I was trying to put a video in the revolution slider, as you did in the demo template of The Hills.
On the Pixelhut forum I already found that for fullscreen this should be done with html5 and this works fine! Yesterday I achieved to add some plugins to Adobe Premiere that enables webm and ogg exports.

Out of curiosity, I wondered if I could embed a video with the code blocks in the above mentioned link as well. Especially the fact that you can set start and end time of the video and add some interactivity in js attracts me.

What I did is straight-forward, all just copy-paste:
- adding a custom html module, with the provided html
- adding the css to my custom.css
- adding the js to the template settings > custom code > custom javascript

The result is a small video, that's playing, with the text above it, both left aligned.

Maybe you can tell, is this something that cóuld work... or is it just a template thing that makes this not usuable in general. Because if that's the case, no problem, but than I can stop trying :D

Have a nice day!
With kind regards,
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