Buttermilk - Organic Dairy Farm e-Commerce Virtuemart Joomla Template

Technical Requirements

  • PHP 5.6 or PHP 7.x
  • MySQLi 5.5+
  • PostgreSQL 9+

For template-only use, you will need Joomla 3.6+ version.

You can choose to install the template with its full demo package - the Quickstart package, or only the template itself. Note that we Highly Recommend the Full Demo Quickstart installation, rather than only the template itself.

1. How to install the Quickstart Demo package:

  • Create new database + user;
  • Unzip the Quickstart zip file to your hard drive. Upload the files to your hosting – if you have cPanel you can unzip the package when it’s on the server, but if you don’t -  you can unzip it on your hard drive and then upload it via FTP.
  • Access the URL address where you have uploaded the files, (i.e. or if you use a subfolder i.e
  • Then you just follow the steps of the regular Joomla installation.
  • Important!!! -> On STEP 3 DON’T forget to click on „Default Sample (GB) Data”, so you’ll be sure that all demo content will be there after the install.

To make it easier and more clear for you we made a short video on how to install the quickstart for our Joomla templates.

2. Template Only installation:

  • Open your site administration (
  • Go to "Extensions" > "Extension Manager"
  • Click "Browse" in the field called "Upload Package File" > locate the template file in your computer and select it > Click "Upload & Install"
  • Other modules - the complete list of modules can be found below in the documentation. When you are installing only the template you'll need to install additionally all the extensions, by downloading them from the creator's sites - please check the credits to get extension links.