How to Set up Your Marketing Company Website to Attract New Customers

Marketing agencies can improve their own image to potential clients with a well-designed premium website that leaves a positive impression on visitors.

Obviously, a beautiful portfolio website can serve as a highly effective marketing tool for attracting new businesses. If you’re looking to create your own digital marketing agency website, we recommend The Hills template for Joomla and The Hills WP theme for WordPress.

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Meet Frei - PixelHut's Free Premium Joomla Template

We are working with Joomla for almost 8 years and we simply love it. The whole idea of the CMS, how it works and basically everything Joomla related. Because of this, we wanted to give something to the community for free and this is how Frei Joomla template was designed and built.

Frei is Free and Premium Joomla Template built on the powerful Helix 3 framework. The template is clean and modern and can be used as a canvas for your next website.

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Building a construction website - key features that you must have

In present days to have a website is highly necessary, because the way people search for things has changed. They more often use Internet and less are looking into the paper listings or phone books. Besides that over 81% of the people first do a research online and then make a decision to purchase a product or service. In short, if one needs a builder, painter, large constructor, probably the first thing that he will do, is to Google them. Contractors and builders need their site, because clients want to check the services, that they provide, the pricing and the client testimonials.

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