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Uno Photography Studio was founded back in
2006. The original trio was me, Oscar and Perry.
We started from a small appartment downtown.
Now we own 10 studios in 10 cities.


We work both with companies and individuals,
offering a wide range of services and products.
So far we have more than 3000 successful
projects and more than 100 on the go.


Since the start we have earned 25 awards,
from various shows and events. It’s always
nice to get recognition for your work, specially
from big names like these.

| Services

Events Photography

Uno Photography Studio offers different types
of photography services and the first one is
Event Photography. We can cover all your
events with images and videos.

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Studio Photography

In each Uno Studio we have a full set of equipment
to bring your ideas to life. We offer studio sessions
with different themes. Of course we can create
custom sets for you.

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Wedding Photography

One of our top services is the Wedding photography.
We have professional camera men and operators
ready to follow you on your wedding day.
You get a full movie with music as well.

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Retouch & Processing

You have photos that need to be more professional?
Don't worry, we got you covered - just bring the
photos or send them to us and we will do our
magic and make them look flawless.

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| Work

Arcansas Concert | 2017
Autumn Catalogue | 2016
Circus Spectacle | 2015
Model Splash | 2016
Vesko Marinov Concert | 2015
Vikings United | 2013

| Team

Eric Johnson

Eric is one of the original founders of Uno Studio and is also a certified photographer and teacher in the Photo Academy in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Eric loves to take pictures even in his spare time. He like to travel, so if you have an event coming don't hesitate to contact him.

Amanda Gray

Amanda is our skilled image master. She is crazy nice with Photoshop and can make anything happen. Amanda is also covering our stuido sessions.

Her real passion is animals phorography and she likes to visit the Zoo, when she can and make beautifil compositions, so watch out for them.

| Blog

Free Photography Classes

Free Photography Classes

This Monday (11.09.2017) Uno Studio will have free photography class. We will cover few important points as lighting, equipment and set up. Be sure to book your seat on +359 123 456 789.
Lighting Studies

Lighting Studies

Next Saturday we will study lighting and all its aspects. Our guest will be the awarded photographer James Tornston. Note that the seats are limited, so be sure to book yours.
Photography Equipment

Photography Equipment

We have all searched for the best tools to make our work easier and more professional. This Tuesday we will show you different cameras and photography equipment from different vendors.

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+359 123 456 789


studio (@) site.com


7 Vitosha bul, Sofia,

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