About Me

Education & Work Experience

Android App Developer

Working as an Android App Developer for Web Systems LLC in Austria.

2015 - Present

2012 - 2015

Web Designer

Web Designer position in RZR Design, Bulgaria. Company building web sites.

Senior Developer

Senior Developer for Meercat LTD - applications and software.

2009 - 2012

2007 - 2009

Master Degree

Master Degree in Tehcnology from the San Clemente University.

Bachelor Degree

Bachelor Degree in Marketing from SU Climent Ohridski, Sofia, Bulgaria.

2003 - 2007


My Special Powers

My favorite tool for sure and I'm almost on God level there.

I'm working with WordPress the last few years. So far so good.

Keeps my designs fresh and clean and gives the abillity to create.

I'm a professional gamer when it comes to my free time.


What I can do for you


Web design is my passion and I think that I'm pretty good at it. I have designed and built sites for more than 100 companies so far.


Since 2015 I'm also offering Application development and design. I have built more than 15 apps for both Android an iOS.


If you need personal or corporate logo, this is the right place! I have more than 300 logo designs accepted from my clients.


People I have worked with
This could be you


Some of my latest works

Client: Spazm Mobile

Spazm Mobile is a chain of stores for mobile devices. The company started from Decatour, Georgia back in 2003. Since then, they have more than 150 store across the US. They also provide repair services for tablets and laptops.

The main goal of the new site design was to help customers to browse through the pages and make it easier for them to be able to place orders. We have integrated a store feature and now the orders increased with more than 20%, just for the first 10 days.

Other features that we have built:
  • Quick product view
  • Newsletter feature with automatic reply
  • Coupons and discounts
  • Online chat to ease the communication

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Client: +Manilla Gaming Center

+Manilla is a Gaming Center, located in Duuseldorf, Germany. The company distributes games for all consoles and computers. They also organizing the biggest gaming event in Germany.

With the new logo design, +Manilla wanted to make the brand more recognizible and easier to remember. We have included a gaming element with the custom font that we have created for the logo.

Other points that we kept in mind:
  • Readibility
  • Flat, modern colors
  • Rounded shapes
  • Overall modern and fresh look

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Client: DEbugger

DEbugger is another company based in Germany, that have trusted us with their project. DEbugger is a tool for debbuging and testing both apps and web sites. The company just started, but they offer amazing product.

The idea behind the application was to give the users the freedom to use DEbugger not only via their site, but also from mobile devices like smart phones and tablets. The app comes with a desktop version as well, for both Android, Windows and iOS.

More about the app design:
  • Modern, clean look
  • Change of main color theme
  • Google fonts integrated
  • Support up to 5 devices with 1 license

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Do you want to hire me for a project or offer me a job? I'll be glad to be part of your team or to built your ideas. You can download my CV from the button on the right and read more about me.

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Email: jm@mywebsite.com | Phone: +359 456 789 321
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