Web Conference

Main Speaker: Martin O'Neal
Hosted in Plovdiv, Bulgaria | 02 April - 05 April 2018
Main Conference Speaker


Uno Web Conference is a digital event for all people IT. This is the 3rd Web Conference which we are organizing and so far it looks that it will be the best one. We have 9 speakers, more than 15 sponsors, different workshops planned, special gifts for each one of your and many more.
Uno Web Conference will set trends for the upcoming year and you don't want to miss it - so get your tickets now and stay tuned.


Hear our amazing speakers delivering great content.


Interactive and interesting workshops on the last day.


Words from our sponsors and gifts for each attendee.


Martin O'Neil
Martin O'NeilCEO & Founder at Marabu
He has a real passion for digital marketing with over 15 years in technology, advertising and marketing at Marabu - global digital media platform.
Amanda Jefferson
Amanda JeffersonSenior Manager at SpiceD
She has been manager at two web companies, which sold for a combined value of over $200 million. She specializes in digital commerce and advising.
Lee Springs
Lee SpringsOwner of Webby
Lee is the co-founder of Webby Hosting - an independent web hosting company focused on the university education community.
Samanta Shepperd
Samanta ShepperdDirector at Crisco
Sam has drived Crisco from an innovative idea to a big ticketing platform that powers globally over one million events around the world each year.
Victoria Petrova
Victoria PetrovaManaging Director at Chew-Baka
She is the technical lead of Chew-Baka - large global community that shares hundreds of photos every day. She is skilled designer and front-end engineer.
Tim Morisson
Tim MorissonCEO at BioTech
TIm is the co-founder of BioTech, the platform for communication. In nearly 5 years he had a remarkable career as a designer and entrepreneur.
Jack O'Conner
Jack O'ConnerVlogger at JackyO
Jack works for the famous lab for viral content. He has more that 100 thousand visitors for the last year, covering things from politics to technology.
Didier Champs
Didier ChampsWeb Developer at WeWeb
Didier studies how digital technologies are changing business, economy and society. He is ranked in the Top 10 Tech Leaders and Developers.
Stan Smith
Stan SmithSenior Designer at Rama
Stan is a designer and an artist. He is an author of four books about design and branding. He always follows the last deisng trends in his work.


New Trends in Internet Marketing

New marketing trends, understanding and building strategies.

Speaker: Amanda Jefferson

10:30 am

11:30 am

Attract customers with Landing Pages

Learn how to build and use landing pages the proper way, explained by Tim.

Speaker: Tim Morisson

Lunch Break + iPad Draw!

Win an iPad

13:00 pm

14:00 pm

Content Marketing Strategy

Content is King! Learn how to build your content wisely.

Speaker: Victoria Petrova

Keywords Strategies that pay off

Keywords strategies with proven results that will bring results.

Speaker: Lee Springs

16:00 pm

18:00 pm

Social Media Usage

Social medias are a crucial part of today's marketing. Learn more about it.

Speaker: Martin O'Neil

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$299 / 2 nights
  • Saturday & Sunday Pass
  • 2 x Breakfast
  • 2 x Dinner
  • Free Shuttle to the Event
$499 / 3 nights
  • Friday, Saturday & Sunday Pass
  • Workshops Pass
  • 3 x Breakfast
  • 3 x Dinner
  • Free Shuttle to the Event
$599 / 4 nights
  • All Days
  • All Areas Pass
  • First Row Seats
  • 4 x Breakfast
  • 4 x Dinner
  • Free Shuttle to the Event


1. Gold
These are our main event sponsors
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Event Sponsors
2. Silver
We can't do much without silver sponsors
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3. Bronze
Bronze, but with a lot of weight
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Location & Accomodation
This year, the next Uno Web Conference will take place in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Plovdiv is a candidate for Europian Capital of Culture for 2019. The city has rich history and lovely sights that we both would enjoy to see in our free time in the city.

Of course the 2 most important places are:
1. Conference location
The conference will be hosted at the International Fair Plovdiv, 3rd hall. Be sure to have your badges on you.
2. Trimontium Hotel
For all attendees, we offer special deals for Trimontium Hotel in Plovdiv, which is only 1 kilometer away from the conference halls. This means that you can enjoy the city, walking from the hotel to the conference and back.
Of course you can check more hotels that are available in Plovdiv:

Blast from the Past


Last year we had 3 workshops within the conference and they were awesome. Many young peope came and we talked mainly about business and how to focus on the important things.

Press Coverage

We received a lot of press coverage last year, which was really nice. People paid us a visit from all over the world and our story was heard on more than 30 languages. Thank you again, guys!


We had amazing speakers last year, who were so dedicated that they even found many friends from our visitors. We hope to see most of them this year, not only as speakers, but as visitors.


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